With VIQ, those clunky, separate systems you’ve been using to coordinate volunteers are gone for good. Now, all volunteers for both Store and Construction projects can be managed through one comprehensive system.

VIQ provides accurate, thorough reporting for all volunteer activities, and allows you to seamlessly schedule, track, report and much more. You can see real time views of all scheduling details, attendance verification and individual hours worked, and communicate with volunteers via text and email. And for the first time ever, you can track  “sweat equity” hours as they are logged.

  • Real Time Views of Scheduling, Attendance & Hours Worked
  • Automated Ongoing Communication with Volunteers
  • Track & Monitor “Sweat Equity” Hours as They Are Logged
  • Mapping System for Store/ Building Locations
  • Volunteer Accessibility to Track Hours & Update Schedule
  • Direct Interaction with DIQ for Compensation Tracking
  • All Reporting is Easily Exported

VIQ is hands-on for volunteers. With an open schedule system, volunteers can sign in via personal user name and password to register for volunteer slots of their choosing. Whether they are individual volunteers, corporate sponsored or court mandated, the system is easily accessible for monitoring and updating of their schedule.

VIQ provides all the necessary details about the store or construction site where volunteers will be working, including weather updates and location mapping. They will also receive automatic updates and alerts to their schedule time and any need-to-know information.

Say Goodbye to Clunky Coordination!

VIQ makes volunteer scheduling and management so much simpler for you and your volunteers.

See What Affiliates Are Saying

"As part of the SuiteIQ enterprise, VolunteerIQ gives our volunteer scheduling, tracking and reporting capabilities a nice step up. The process is streamlined and saves us time over our previous system, and the user interface is intuitive and accessible."

Alex Cooley
Habitat Wake ReStore


About Us

SuiteIQ was designed with the management of nonprofits in mind by Marshall Wing System Design (MWSD). MWSD is dedicated to providing these organizations custom and interlocking digital platforms with a detailed focus on donor servicing, operational efficiency and enhanced revenue.

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