Aren’t you tired of losing critical information from donors as soon as they leave the dock? Ninety percent of first time donors are “gift-in-kind” donors. Due to paper receipts, this information is nearly impossible to track and is often lost. It’s time to do something about this.

RIQ captures donor information at the point of donation via easy-to-use tablets provided by SuiteIQ. Donors are assigned an ID number and their demographic information and donation specifics are saved for tracking, reporting and analysis.

  • Digital Donor/Donation Information Capture
  • Personalized Donor Receipts
  • Annual Compiled Email Records to Donors
  • Pick up Scheduling
  • All Reporting is Easily Exported

With RetailIQ you have significant reporting capabilities for donor information and activities. With a seamless digital system, you can record everything that comes into the store or onto a truck.

All donation information can be instantly transferred to other systems within SuiteIQ so that you can turn donors into volunteers, which has never been possible before.

No More Paper Receipts!

With RetailIQ you can permanently record and track all of the critical donor information and donation activities automatically.

See What Affiliates Are Saying

"The analytic and reporting capabilities within RetailIQ are game changers providing excellent information and insight that we could not previously access. Most importantly the information is very actionable. The data confirms we can locate stores much closer together without donation cannibalization. Long term this will allow for greater store density and larger revenue stream for our affiliate."

Mitch Rhodes
Habitat of Wake County

"Operational efficiency and donor servicing are the hallmarks of the SuiteIQ system. The Marshall Wing System Design team are innovators of the highest order."

Mark Steenback
Director of ReStore Operations
Habitat Greenville

"We've really enjoyed working with Andrew, Charlie and the MWSD group because they have been very responsive to our feedback and our needs. Their products, services and support have been exceptional and the donation e-receipt system has allowed us to take our 6 ReStores to the next level."

Natalie Chesson
Director of ReStore Operations
Habitat of Wake County

"It's nice to see such a robust system developed specifically for the Habitat affiliate community. These guys seem to be at the top of their game."

Cory Lundeen
ReStore Manager
Habitat of Anderson County

"Electronic donor data capture revolutionizes donor relations with automated communication from the SuiteIQ supplied tablets. Donor response has been overwhelmingly positive to the immediate and annualized e-receipts. For the affiliate, we are capturing critical donor/donation details never before possible."

Dwayne Thompson
Director of ReStore Operations
Habitat of Forsyth County

"As part of the SuiteIQ enterprise, VolunteerIQ gives our volunteer scheduling, tracking and reporting capabilities a nice step up. The process is streamlined and saves us time over our previous system, and the user interface is intuitive and accessible."

Alex Cooley
ReStore Manager
Habitat of Wake County

About Us

SuiteIQ was designed with the management of nonprofits in mind by Marshall Wing System Design (MWSD). MWSD is dedicated to providing these organizations custom and interlocking digital platforms with a detailed focus on donor servicing, operational efficiency and enhanced revenue.

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