It’s safe to say that fundraising is a highly important area of focus for affiliates. For so long, management of these funds has been left to a variety of platforms that have significant gaps and do not address specific needs. DIQ changes all that with a platform that is so intuitive and easy to use that you don’t even need a user manual.

Funds come from a variety of places. DIQ easily administers and automates any and all fundraising and marketing events. Organize, track and report funds from cash solicitations, online credit card donations, gift giving campaigns, recurring donations, crowd funding, and the list goes on. Even gift-in-kind donors at the store can be tracked and reported with seamless communication between RIQ and DIQ.

  • Manages Donor Data for Targeted Outreach & Financial Accounting
  • Assembles and Transfers Critical Financial Data to AIQ
  • Eliminates Keyed Entry of Donor Data
  • Automates Credit Card Donation Importing from Third Party Sites
  • Differentiates Between All Varieties of Gift Giving Campaigns
  • All Reporting is Easily Exported

It is critical for affiliate funding to be properly managed so that you can project for the future. That’s why DIQ is designed to assemble and transfer all financial data straight to AccountingIQ.

What’s more, DIQ saves countless hours of time and effort by eliminating the need to manually enter thousands of annual donors. All this combines to give affiliates the most accurate reporting and financial data projections platform available.

Take a Load Off!

DIQ is specifically designed to make the critical job of fundraising management simpler. We want to take the burden off of you and your affiliate.

See What Affiliates Are Saying

"Electronic donor data capture revolutionizes donor relations with automated communication from the SuiteIQ supplied tablets. Donor response has been overwhelmingly positive to the immediate and annualized e-receipts. For the affiliate, we are capturing critical donor/donation details never before possible."

Dwayne Thompson
Director of ReStore Operations
Habitat of Forsyth County


About Us

SuiteIQ was designed with the management of nonprofits in mind by Marshall Wing System Design (MWSD). MWSD is dedicated to providing these organizations custom and interlocking digital platforms with a detailed focus on donor servicing, operational efficiency and enhanced revenue.

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