When you are building a house, every detail matters. Managing an affiliate is no different. CIQ coordinates and unifies three key elements of construction: project management, inventory and accounting management. From beginning to end, each step of the construction process is addressed through CIQ and can easily be tracked and reported.

There are hundreds of construction projects across the country every year. CIQ combines a comprehensive inventory and accounting management platform with project management software into an all-in-one system. There has never been a coordinated system like this before.

  • Offers Kit Building & Bill of Material Management by Site
  • Delivers Ongoing Project Financial Information to AIQ
  • Provides Lead Time Alerts for Orders to be Drop Shipped
  • Interacts with VIQ for Volunteer Tracking & Skill Matching
  • Ensures Inventory Matches Construction Plan
  • All Reporting is Easily Exported


There’s no project too big! CIQ will have a significant, positive impact on all Habitat construction projects, no matter the size.

Every aspect of construction from beginning to end can be easily managed from CIQ. Even the largest projects with many moving pieces will be much simpler to coordinate.

Updates Without the Upcharge!

ConstructionIQ, like all SuiteIQ systems will evolve based on affiliate user feedback. There will never be a charge for upgrades and enhancements to any and all SuiteIQ products.

About Us

SuiteIQ was designed with the management of nonprofits in mind by Marshall Wing System Design (MWSD). MWSD is dedicated to providing these organizations custom and interlocking digital platforms with a detailed focus on donor servicing, operational efficiency and enhanced revenue.

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