One System For All You Do

It’s time for some transparency. The work of managing a nonprofit is too often complicated and disorganized from being forced to rely on too many stand alone systems to do the job. Worse, those systems do not communicate with one another, and therefore cannot provide an overall quantifying view of the impact each affiliate has within and upon the community on an ongoing basis. This is important work that deserves to be properly treated and showcased.

Easy to Use & Comprehensive

SuiteIQ — five interconnected software platforms developed for use by nonprofit organizations. It connects all the work required by every organization into a single, easy to use system with minimal navigational clicks. Does that sound like a relief? That’s exactly what it is designed to be. Donor information, volunteer scheduling, fundraising management, project coordination – with SuiteIQ it can all be tracked and organized together.

See How it Works

SuiteIQ is already in use at several nonprofit affiliates helping to streamline the work they do every day.


Totally changes how donor information and contributions are recorded, tracked, organized and reported. With digital receipts automatically generated and emailed, paper is a thing of the past. RIQ also includes scheduling for pickups as well.


Streamlines volunteer coordination, communication and scheduling into a single program that is easy to use for both admins and volunteers. Track hours and revenue and even monitor “sweat equity” via a series of reporting capabilities for both store and construction volunteers.


Does the job of what is historically done by a variety of CRM platforms. DIQ closes the gaps left by those platforms and addresses the specific nonprofit needs for fundraising and donation acquisition while reporting across all channels.


Coordinates and unifies the three key elements of construction: project management, inventory and accounting management. Until CIQ, a single, coordinated inventory and accounting management system did not exist.


Scheduled for a future release, AIQ will be an intuitive, easy to use accounting system that will communicate seamlessly with all platforms within SuitelQ as well as externally to credit card processing sites.

Your reporting capabilities are limitless. All systems within SuiteIQ communicate with one another seamlessly, allowing you to keep a real time assessment of operational and outreach activities.

  • Front End User & Admin Interface
  • Real Time Assessment of All Activities
  • Eliminates Paper for Receipts & Recording
  • Minimal Navigational Clicks
  • Super Intuitive & Easy to Use!
  • Single Scheduling System for All Volunteers
  • Volunteer Schedule Access & Hour Tracking
  • Unifies Project, Inventory & Accounting Management
  • Track and Monitor “Sweat Equity”
  • Tablets for At-the-Dock Donor Information Recording

See What Affiliates Are Saying

"The analytic and reporting capabilities within RetailIQ are game changers providing excellent information and insight that we could not previously access. Most importantly the information is very actionable. The data confirms we can locate stores much closer together without donation cannibalization. Long term this will allow for greater store density and larger revenue stream for our affiliate."

Mitch Rhodes
Habitat of Wake County

"Operational efficiency and donor servicing are the hallmarks of the SuiteIQ system. The Marshall Wing System Design team are innovators of the highest order."

Mark Steenback
Director of ReStore Operations
Habitat Greenville

"We've really enjoyed working with Andrew, Charlie and the MWSD group over the past eighteen months because they have been very responsive to our feedback and our needs. Their products, services and support have been exceptional and the donation e-receipt system has allowed us to take our 6 ReStores to the next level."

Natalie Chesson
Habitat Wake ReStore Director

"It's nice to see such a robust system developed specifically for the Habitat affiliate community. These guys seem to be at the top of their game."

Cory Lundeen
ReStore Manager
Habitat of Anderson County

"Electronic donor data capture revolutionizes donor relations with automated communication from the SuiteIQ supplied tablets. Donor response has been overwhelmingly positive to the immediate and annualized e-receipts. For the affiliate, we are capturing critical donor/donation details never before possible."

Dwayne Thompson

Director of ReStore Operations
Habitat of Forsyth County

"As part of the SuiteIQ enterprise, VolunteerIQ gives our volunteer scheduling, tracking and reporting capabilities a nice step up. The process is streamlined and saves us time over our previous system, and the user interface is intuitive and accessible."

Alex Cooley

Habitat Wake ReStore

Updates Without the Upcharge!

All SuiteIQ systems will continually evolve based on affiliate user feedback. There will never be a charge for upgrades and enhancements to any and all SuiteIQ products. Ever.

About Us

SuiteIQ was designed with the management of nonprofits in mind by Marshall Wing System Design (MWSD). MWSD is dedicated to providing these organizations custom and interlocking digital platforms with a detailed focus on donor servicing, operational efficiency and enhanced revenue.

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